Tallis Downloads

Tallis consists of a suite of applications:

  • Composer - a desktop application for authoring PROforma guidelines. Composer includes a test application for simulating interaction with your PROforma guidelines on your desktop, and contains default settings for enacting your application in OpenClinical saving your application in the OpenClinical repository.
  • Tester - a desktop application for testing PROforma guidelines. The tester comes bundled with Composer, but may be run as a standalone application if required.
  • Web Enactment - a web application for enacting your application on the web, used in OpenClinical.

Each of these applications requires the Tallis Engine and core plugins.

Web Enactment pre-requisites
Tallis Web Enactment is tested on tomcat vs 6 and 7 running with java versions 6 and 7.

Registration required
To download any of these applications, you will need to register and accept the "non-commercial - research only" terms and conditions first.

Supported versions

The currently supported stable version is Version 1.7.2.

Previous versions can be found in the archive.