Tallis is a suite of software tools to support authoring, publishing and enacting of clinical knowledge applications over the web: applications designed to support the management of medical procedures and clinical decision making at the point of care.

Tallis is built around PROforma, a language for modelling clinical processes.

January 2012 - A new build of Tallis , Version 1.7 is released, with working datetime expressions and a revised web enactment framework.

Tallis Composer
The Tallis Composer is a graphical editor that supports the authoring process. The resulting clinical knowledge application can then be tested in the Tallis Tester. Finally, the Tallis Engine enables the execution of the clinical application over the web using Tallis Web Enactment.

To download any of the Tallis applications you will need to sign up to the COSSAC website. If you have Java webstart enabled on your machine, you should be able to try Tallis Composer using the link below:

Tallis Composer: Click here to try the latest stable release of Composer (requires Java Web Start)Tallis Composer: Click here to try the latest stable release of Composer (requires Java Web Start)

Web Enactment Configuration
To run your PROforma applications in the web you must configure the Web Enactment server. The default server url is http://apps.openclinical.net and the application can be left blank.

Tallis training
Extended training materials (documentation, tutorials, samples) to help create, publish and enact clinical knowledge applications over the web are provided on the Tallis site at Tallis Training.

Further details
For further information about Tallis, please see the comprehensive Tallis website.

Note that much of the materials on the Tallis website, although still relevant to the Tallis suite has not been updated recently. However, the expression pages are up to date.