CREDO video

CREDO video

CREDO aims to develop decision support applications for the management of breast cancer cancer patients across the primary and secondary care sectors, from presentation and diagnosis through to treatment and follow-up. The first clinical strength CREDO application is MATE, a system designed to support evidence-based, collective decision-making in breast cancer multidisciplinary team meetings. MATE is in routine use at the Royal Free NHS Trust in London.

A video has been developed to illustrate the CREDO vision and demonstrates how we anticipate our technologies will be used in cancer care. Two versions of the video have been made: one is aimed at health professionals and the other at patients. Both versions cover similar ground: they follow an imaginary patient, Eve Ellis, as she goes through the experience of discovering she has breast cancer and then being treated (successfully) for it.

The first version ("65 Decisions" - 13 minutes running time) is designed for cancer professionals and clinical researchers. It explains how cancer informatics technologies of the types envisaged by CREDO can help deliver effective, evidence-based care, and alleviate some of the pressures of achieving this in the face of high demands for services and constant changes and advances in best practice.

The second version of the video ("A patient’s journey" - 19 minutes) is designed to explain the project to cancer patients and their relatives, including those who may be consider participating in a trial. We hope that the video provides insights into some of the experiences patients may have during their care, and potential uses of computer technology.

Neither version of the video is very technical: our priority has been to provide accessible material for those who may have little knowledge of, and perhaps little interest in, information technology. For visitors with a more technical interest in the CREDO project, more detailed information is available elsewhere on this site.

CREDO video: "65 Decisions" - for Health Professionals

Duration: 13 minutes.

You can download this video for offline viewing in one of the following formats (note that Windows Media videos are streamable - you can watch as you download. To save, right click on the link and chose to save the link):

CREDO video: "A patient’s journey" - for patients

Duration: 19 minutes. Available in the following formats (note that Windows Media videos are streamable - you can watch as you download):