The CREDO trial is intended to seek definitive data on the value of advanced tools for decision support, care planning and multidisciplinary care. The aims of the project are to trial a comprehensive suite of computer services to support all phases of breast cancer care from first presentation and diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, and facilitate communication and coordination across the multidisciplinary team.

The aims of the CREDO trial are to address the following questions:

1. What is the baseline quality and safety of typical decision-making in the management of breast cancer?
2. Can PROforma-based decision support yield improved consistency, quality and safety of clinical decision making through the patient journey and what are the most promising decision points at which to intervene?
3. Can such services be offered in a form that is acceptable to and valued by clinicians? Can they free clinicians from administrative and operational burdens, allowing them to concentrate on looking after patients?
4. Can such support for clinicians and patients lead to improved experience for the cancer patient?