Home monitoring through intelligent dialog system

EC Fifth Framework project IST-2001-32434
October 2001-2004



This project aims to carry out research and technology development to be used for deploying
innovative tele-medicine services. The new services will be based on an Intelligent
Dialog System (IDS), designed and developed to effectively manage an incremental dialog
between a tele-medicine system and a patient, taking into account user needs, preferences
and time course of her/his disease. The dialog system will require dynamic adaptation, i
ncluding understanding of the patient's medical problems and physician's goals,
misunderstandings of therapy suggestions, etc. To adapt the dialog, an ontology of
the medical domain, and the history of user-system interactions need to be used.
Patient interactions can be multi-modal, i.e. both voice and graphical interfaces
will be accessible through a fixed or a mobile network. Some prototype services,
accessible through both a Web Call Centre and standard Internet connections and
browsers, will be developed.



Publications relating to HOMEY.


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