Ioannis Chronakis

Ioannis Chronakis

Career History

I studied Medicine at the Medical School, University of Patras, Greece. However, my interest in computer science prevailed and I have been working as a software developer since 1999.

After starting with web development, I moved to database and network application development. From 2003-2005, I worked in space robotics specifically on the development of a rigid body dynamics simulator, collision detection and tele-manipulation system for testing and controlling ISS robotic arms (Eurobot & PA-10). I also worked on the architectural design and modeling for the integration of ESA space monitoring and control platforms (A-DREAMS) with ground systems.

I joined the Advanced Computation Laboratory (ACL) at Cancer Research UK in March 2006 as senior software engineer on the EU 6FP IST Aneurist project. The goal of Aneurist was to develop technologies to improve the management of cerebral aneurysms. The ACL's role in the project was to provide knowledge representation and decision support functionality.

Outside interests

Running, cycling, travelling.


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