David Glasspool

David Glasspool

David Glasspool is a senior research fellow in the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. His main research interests are in the computational architecture of cognitive systems - both intelligent computational systems and human cognition.

Glasspool manages Edinburgh University's collaboration in the COSSAC consortium. The Edinburgh group's research programme is motivated by the need to make medical computer systems more robust and reliable in the face of unpredictable or changing situations, while simultaneously making them easier for people to understand. This implies imbuing them with a degree of intelligence, and two lines of cognitive systems research are particularly relevant to clinical medicine: the flexible, intelligent execution of plans, and the understanding, processing and effective communication of information about uncertainty. Glasspool carries out basic and applied research in both of these areas.

Homepage: homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/dglasspo/

Publications: Glasspool's COSSAC-related publications

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