Distributed Workflows: the OpenKnowledge experience

TitleDistributed Workflows: the OpenKnowledge experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBesana P, Patkar V, Glasspool D, Robertson D
Conference NameSEMELS'08
Conference LocationMonterrey, Mexico
ISBN Number978-3-540-88874-1

Software systems are becoming ever more complex, and one source of
complexity lies in integrating heterogeneous subsystems. Service Oriented
Architectures are part of the answer: they decouple the components
of the system. However normally SOA is used from a centralised perspective:
a single process invokes remote services, unaware of being part of
a workflow. We claim that the centralised, or orchestration-based,
approach cannot scale well with increasing complexity and heterogeneity
of the components, and we propose an alternative distributed, or choreography-based,
approach, that forces developers to think in terms of actors, roles
and interactions. We first present the OpenKnowledge framework, designed
according to choreography-based principles and then show how a complex,
distributed model for managing the triple assessment of patients suspected
with breast cancer can be easily implemented using this framework.