Argumentation-logic for explaining anomalous patient responses to treatments

TitleArgumentation-logic for explaining anomalous patient responses to treatments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsGrando MA, Moss L, Glasspool D, Sleeman D, Sim M, Gilhooly C, Kinsella J
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference Name13th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 11)

The EIRA system has proved to be successful in the detection of anomalous patient responses to treatments in the Intensive Care Unit. One weakness of EIRA is the lack of mechanisms to explain to the clinicians, rationalities behind the anomalous detections. In this paper, we extend EIRA by providing it with an argumentation- based justification system that formalizes and communicates to the clinicians the reasons why a patient response is anomalous. The proposed justification system uses human-like argumentation techniques and is based on real deliberation dialogues between ICU clinicians.

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