Bug in Tallis engine?

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I'm using the Tallis engine in my degree project, I think I found a bug and I want to tell you because maybe I'm doing something wrong and I didn't notice.

I'm using the composer 1.6-rc1. I created a guideline for test purposes, but when I try to use a setof_real as data type, the engine thinks it's only a real type. I mean, when you create a new data definition and you select multiple selection allowed in the selection method the data is a setof_*, so when you are entering the data in the tester, you can select many choices, this works fine with the other data types: setof_integer and setof_text, but when you try to do the same with setof_real it doesn't work.


PD: if there is no enough information to recreate the case, please tell me and I would try to explain it better.