Next Step - Repositories

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Hello again.

After successfully resolving the DB/XML issue, it's time to show our guide to some potential end-users. Right now we have to upload the .pf file to our server in order to run the guideline, but our goal is to have a direct link (i think that does that, doesn't it?).

To do this I think we need to establish a repository, is this true? We are a little lost confuguring this feature, we do not know what files need to be edited, if we have to use tallis-repository.war and which version, or what log4j has to do in all this.

Is there a recent how-to about this topic? Can you give us some guidance? Repositories and page customisation are the latest issues that remain to be tested in our project. We've been exploring a lot of options, but we think we'll finally bet on Tallis/PROforma.

Thanks and sorry for abusing the forum!