Sharing Choreographies in OpenKnowledge: A Novel Approach to Interoperability

TitleSharing Choreographies in OpenKnowledge: A Novel Approach to Interoperability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBesana P, Patkar V, Barker A, Robertson D, Glasspool D
JournalJournal of Software
VolumeTo Appear
Date Published08/2009

Software systems are becoming ever more complex, and one source of complexity lies in integrating heterogeneous subsystems. Service Oriented Architectures are part of the answer: they decouple the components of the system. However normally service oriented architectures are still designed and enacted from a centralised perspective: a single process invokes remote services, unaware of being part of a larger, more complex workflow. We claim that the orchestration-based approach does not scale well with increasing complexity and heterogeneity of the components. We propose a choreography-based approach, where choreographies are the shared contracts that actors agree to follow. We first present the OpenKnowledge framework, designed according to choreography-based principles. We then demonstrate how the implementation of a complex, distributed model such as the triple assessment, used for the diagnosis of patients suspected with breast cancer, can benefit from this framework.