This page contains links to COSSAC resources that have been customised for the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Tallis Composer
The Tallis Composer is a graphical editor that supports the authoring process of PROforma guidelines. The resulting clinical knowledge application can then be tested in the Tallis Tester. Finally, the Tallis Engine enables the execution of the clinical application over the web.

Tallis Composer: Click here to try the 1.7 release of Composer (requires Java Web Start)Tallis Composer: Click here to try the 1.7 release of Composer (requires Java Web Start)

Tallis composer relies on two external services, an enactment server that enacts a Tallis guideline as a series of web pages and a repository that can be used to store and publish a guideline.

UPDATE: Try this version of Composer: It's slightly older, so may well be more stable and comes bundled with the updated expression editor that John has been showing you.

Enactment server

This version needs an enactment server configured. The details for this are:
application: ibme


Unless you've used Composer before, this version should have a default ibme repository set up. If you have used it before (and therefore have a set of local settings that overide the defaults) you may need to enter the following credentials:

application: ibme-repository
username: Your first initial + surname, e.g. msouth
password: guest

Tallis training
Extended training materials (documentation, tutorials, samples) to help create, publish and enact clinical knowledge applications over the web are provided on the Tallis site at Tallis Training.

Running your application outside of Tallis
If you place your application in your public folder then it will have it's own URL, e.g.

Useful Links

Tallis Issues

Tallis is not a well used and tested application and you will find problems with it - it gets the ideas over adequately but can be frustrating to use. Remember to save your work regularly. Some known issues include:

Tallis issue - Repository problems with Firefox

Users who launch Composer from Firefox will find problems with the repository. On attempting to load guidelines they will receive an error that says something like:

Error: getguidelineEnteryinfo: error reading from dataHandel received from the server.

The solution is to launch from Internet Explorer.

Tallis issue - result_of reports errors with decision name

Sometimes the validator reports issues with result_of referring to unknown decision. The solution is to copy and paste the decision!