Representation and verification of time constraints in PROforma

PROforma includes basic notions of time, repetition and periodicity. We have investigated the possibility of enriching PROforma with more complex notions of time in order to increase its expressiveness. We based our proposal of extension on a generic formal framework presented in Anselma et al. 2006. For instance we have considered introducing the notion of time intervals to allow more flexibility in the specification of medical guidelines, allowing to express constraints of the sort: take the medicine each 5 or 6 hours during a total time of 2 or 3 weeks.

Besides we have investigate a way to provide the proposed extension with a formal strategy to verify time performance and temporal constraint consistency, based on PNs. Our strategy consist on extending the algorithm presented in Grando, Glasspool & Fox (2008) to map the proposed PROforma extension into time Petri Nets that can be specified using tools that provide automatic ways to verify time efficiency and absence of deadlocks. We expect to implemented in Tallis the extension proposed for PROforma.


L. Anselma, P. Terenziani, S. Montani, A. Bottrighi (2006) Towards a comprehensive treatment of repetitions, periodicity and temporal constraints in clinical guidelines Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Volume 38, Issue 2, Pages 171-195